US Senate unanimously accuses Vladimir Putin of being a war criminal

 The US Senate on Tuesday consistently passed the goal of accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a conflict criminal. This is an interesting demonstration of solidarity in a deeply divided parliament. Presented by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and endorsed by two player lawmakers, the goal is to investigate the war fraud during the Russian invasion in The Hague and the International Criminal Court (ICC) in various countries. Empowered to focus on the Russian army in. Ukraine.

“We are all united with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, saying that Vladimir Putin cannot escape responsibility for the monsters submitted to the Ukrainian people,” said Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Before the vote mentioned in the discourse on the Senate floor.

Russia calls its activity “abnormal military activity” and incapacitates and “blames” Ukraine. Putin further calls the country a US settlement with a mannequin system, and there is no sovereign state practice.

Moscow has not captured any of the country’s ten largest urban communities since the invasion began on February 24, the largest attack on European states that began around 1945.

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