Instructions to Make Money Freelance Writing: Websites That Pay Writers $50+

Worried on creation for pennies (or peanuts or whatever you like for awesome compensation) and ready to figure out how to get cash online without a doubt?

We are tired of that too. That’s why Carol started paying for positions a few years ago—and why she raised her rates to $75+ last fall. Plus, that’s why we update the list of places that pay compensation constantly.

Following is a better than ever, mid-2021 edition of Make a Living Writing’s sites that pay compensation of something like $50 per post.

Instead of joining the lodgings we delivered last fall, we’re posting a complete and fresh new rundown. We’ve added new business areas we’ve learned about in over half a year and removed destinations that have an assortment of positions under $50. That is our basis.

Over and over again, these destinations call it QT. keep on. Exactly what they pay for. We’re missing markets where independent scholars report paying more than $50 for our organization, giving you the widest assortment of payable business areas.

We also eliminated destinations that currently do not tolerate pitches that pat a good portion of the exempt areas. Places where you have a shot at getting $50 on imagery or in light of traffic or ad clicks are excluded. This is one of the types of business sectors offering assured salary!

The list runs through a range of topics, from parenting and knitting to business and composition, so there should be something here for everyone.

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